You People Made Me Do It!

July 19th, 2022Cora Jade

"For the past year, I have been the face of the NXT women's division. Me. On all the posters, on all the commercials... you guys appointed me the next breakout superstar. Don't you remember Wargames when I jumped off the top of the cage? All you guys could say is 'Wow, Cora Jade is a star' or 'Wow, Cora Jade is so young, Cora Jade has such a bright future'."

"So what do I do? I want to take my best friend along for the ride with me. I get Roxanne in the door. I get Roxanne in the door, and from day one, your guys' attention goes from me to Roxanne. All of a sudden, Roxanne is the next big breakout superstar. 'We love Roxanne, Roxanne is the next NXT Women's Champion'. Everything is gonna be perfect, right? Everything is going to be perfect because after how many failed attempts, I finally found the perfect partner. And at the Great American Bash, I finally become a champion with my best friend. We're on top of the World, right? We're on Cloud Nine. We're going to be champions forever, right?"

"But not thirty minutes later, Roxanne decides she wants to cash in her contract and beat Mandy for the NXT Women's Championship. What the hell are you thinking Rox? I wanted to make these titles the most important titles in WWE. And you're over it? And you know, for those of you, for those of you cheering for that right now: you're the same people who were chanting for Roxy Two Belts last week, so as far as I'm concerned, you can go to hell."

July 8th, 2022Lacey Evans

"Before my opponents come out, I wanted to take a minute... to say how completely disgusted I am with you guys. That's the response I get? That's the reaction I get? I mean, you guys, don't ya'll know who I am? Don't know what I've been through? Nah, I know you know what I've been through because I poured my entire heart and soul out on live TV. Told my life's story and hopes to help you guys."

"And for what? For that reaction? For those cheers? You know, I think it kinda bothers you, that ya'll look at a woman like me and kills you because of how weak you are. That you know all the struggles I've been through and deep down in your soul, you know that can't go through half of them and be half the woman I am."

June 22nd, 2022—Christian Cage

"Yeah, it is a little bit petty, but here's the thing: even more concerning, even more bothersome to me than being eliminated from that Casino Battle Royale, was the reaction of each and every one of you when I got eliminated. I am a legend in this business and I deserve, I deserve more respect than to be cheered when I get eliminated from a battle royale. Do you understand me? Not to mention the fact that Jungle Boy cost me a massive roster bonus by being eliminated and a fast-track to a world title shot. So yeah, it pissed me off. But here's the thing. It got me thinking a little bit. Maybe if these people like Jungle Boy so much, I should do a little background check on him."

"So I decided against my better judgement to go on social media and find out a little more about Jungle Boy. And man, what a cesspool social media has become, especially considering the wrestling corner of social media, am I right? I mean, we got losers like these people out here tweeting away like your opinion matters. Like you know anything about this business, like you know anything that goes on behind that curtain. You know nothing of my business, alright? I don't need your comments about who I should be wrestling, what title I should be going for, who I should align myself with. I am one of the best to ever step foot in this ring! I think I got it figured out, thanks. That'd be like me coming to the drive-thru window and telling you how to do your job."

May 9th, 2022Rhea Ripley

"Joining Judgement Day was the easiest decision of my life. Edge, Damian, I saw the two of you change for the better. And I wanted that for myself. I am done signing autographs at the airport for all the little kids who come running up and saying they want to be just like me. The next day, I go online and I see those same autographs being sold on eBay. I'm done being used and that is why I joined the Judgement Day."

March 21st, 2022—Lance Archer

"Finally, finally back in the great State of Texas. My home of Texas! But the one thing I'm the most proud of, that I've never done and never will do, is live in this cesspool that is San Antonio."

"You see this is, this your fault. You're the reason that everything changed. I used to come out here for you. And I almost paralyzed myself for you. But no more and never again. The simple savagery—shut up! The simple savagery I'm about to unleash on AEW is something out of Greek mythology. And AEW management, I'm talking directly to you now, so pay attention. You can't hide me in the dark much longer. And when I step into the light, you are going to regret everything these people made me do. When I said 'everybody' I did not stutter, because everybody dies."

February 28th, 2022Damian Priest

"These people carried you. They carried you to winning my United States Championship. Did you hear... did you hear all that motivation, that respect? Yeah, I never heard that. My entire reign, they never gave me that, even though I busted my ass and was successful in spite of each and every one of them."

September 10th, 2021Becky Lynch

"Really? I was sitting at home, listening to you people chant 'We want Becky'. I came back last-minute notice! Last-minute notice! Saved all your asses, beat the champion in 26 seconds, and this is how you treat me? I left my baby girl at home for you people, and you're favoring a flash-in-the-pan over me?"

December 9th, 2019Seth Rollins

"Oh, I hear yah. You want to push me? Well it's time for Seth freakin' Rollins to push back! Your negativity has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that self-fulfilling prophecy has turned your fiction into fact. It has turned me to stand side-by-side with two men who understand me. It has turned me to stand side-by-side with the AOP."

October 18th, 2019Bayley

"That is not why I slashed those Bayley Buddies, those stupid Bayley Buddies. I slashed those Bayley Buddies because that has defined me my entire career. It is how they saw me. They saw me as something fun and colorful, something to put a smile on their face. But what about me, Miz?"

"Every single week I gave and I gave and I gave. Headbands, and high-fives. Hugs. And all they did was take. But they didn't see who I was; I was trying to be a role-model and a hero. To make a better future and change the world. And at Hell in a Cell, when I lost my title, I was heartbroken, I was in pain, and I was crying. And was anyone there for me? No. I have put myself second my entire career to be a role-model for their children. And when I needed them most, where were they?"

August 21st, 2018Becky Lynch

"I pictured myself raising that title above my head. Saying that I am my own woman. That I am a top star. That I put SmackDown Live's Women's Division on the map and that I am the new champion! And you guys, you act like you were with me, but were you the whole time? Because there was no #GiveBeckyAChance. And when Charlotte Flair weaseled her way into my title match, yeah I got a few tweets saying Becky Lynch was getting screwed over, but there was there was no boycott; you still sold-out SummerSlam, didn't you?"

"And when Charlotte stole the match from me, you got out of your seats and applauded a new champion. So you weren't really that upset, were you? And somehow, whenever somebody asks the WWE Universe who the greatest superstar of all-time is, for some reason Becky Lynch isn't the first name out of your mouths. Somehow I have been made an afterthought. And you think that after a few nights of praise that's all gonna change? Well I don't buy it anymore. Because you're a generation of all talk, all opinions, and no action."

May 31st, 2017Tommaso Ciampa

"The Thursday before Takeover: Chicago, I sustained an injury. And questions started to circulate about whether I would be able to perform by Takeover: Chicago. I didn't have those questions. I had answers. I knew: yes, I was going to fight. Because that's what we do, right? That's what this is about. That's what DIY has been about since day one. Two kids who fight."

"And in a mere 24 hours, all those questions, those questions started to turn into these hypotheticals. You people... started to replace me. Replace me with dream partners for Johnny Gargano. It took less than one day for you to replace me. Less than one day for me to become an afterthought. Well newsflash: I'm not a damn afterthought!"

"But I put it aside. And I'm going to be honest: in the ladder match, I took a fall. And I... I felt something in my knee pop. And just like you were about to replace me, just like that, there was no doubt in my mind that Johnny Gargano was about to do the same damn thing. If given the opportunity, if I went away, Johnny Gargano wouldn't even hesitate. And I wasn't going to let that happen. I wasn't going to become an afterthought. Because man, we had something special with DIY. But you all ruined it. And if I was going to go away for a long, long time, then Johnny Wrestling was going to go away for a long, long time."

October 14th, 2010—Jeff Hardy

"First of all, I didn't sell out, I sold in. And popularity doesn't mean a damn thing to me. I blame you, I blame the people, I blame the cheers for my pain. I blame your greed for my anger. All the years I've destroyed myself for you, and for what? Herniated discs and pinched nerves. Nah. These men care more for me than that. They care about my well-being. My future. And RVD, he's just like an asshole I know who doesn't admit he's an ass-kisser. Just another politician. Never played that game, never will."

February 20th, 2003The Rock

"The Rock was going to come out here and do his old routine, but for some reason The Rock feels that you people, you don't want to hear that crap tonight. The Rock has got this feeling, right down, deep in here, that you got the feeling that you're really not feeling what The Rock is saying. I could tell you that, you know... it seems to everyone's surprise that it seems like, uh, it's probably The Rock's imagination, but he's heard some, uh, some people boo."

"Okay, The Rock hears what The Rock hears. The Rock heard 'Rocky', The Rock hears 'Rocky Sucks', The Rock hears 'asshole' over here, The Rock hears 'Hogan', The Rock hears all of that. But hey, but... hey! But keep this in mind, you can cheer The Rock, you can boo The Rock, that's fine. Because The Rock will forever be the single-most electrifying and entertaining thing you have ever seen. The Rock doesn't understand why you want to boo The Rock. Why you wanna boo The Rock? Why?"

"Hold on a second, The Rock doesn't understand why you boo The Rock. You gotta understand something: The Rock is committed. The Rock is here because of all of you. The Rock came here tonight for all of you. The Rock is focused, he is committed. He is committed to these people, The Rock is committed to this company. He is—hold on one second, The Rock's cell-phone going off."

"Yeah? Hold on a second."

"'Scuse The Rock, he is talking to his personal assistant. Just do The Rock a favor, keep it down for a little bit."

"Yeah? Yeah The Rock is flying out tonight, what, do you think is going to spend one more night surrounded by all these hicks? Wait, hold on."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't... The Rock's not talking about you people, I'm talking about all the hickory trees that are outside. Man, the place of Indianapolis is full of hickory trees everywhere. Man, and they stink. You remember, we were just talking about this. Now keep it down!"

"Babe, hey, baby, The Rock's gotta go. Rocks gotta go. Hang up the phone."

"Yeah, 'Hogan', 'Rocky', 'Rocky Sucks', yeah, listen to this: The Rock wants you to ask yourself one question. The Rock is dead serious about this. One question: do you really want to boo The Rock? Do you understand the line we're going to cross? Do you understand where we're all gonna go if you boo The Rock? Do you understand? Do you people understand the ramifications of booing The Great One?"

"Gonna give you one more... no no, let's not chant anything right now. You people are going to make the decision and you're gonna make it right here, right now tonight. Do you people, one last time, do you people want to boo The Rock?"

"That's fine. You've made your decision. You've made your decision. That's fine. That's fine. But why do you boo The Rock? Why? Is it because The Rock, he went ahead and sold out? Yeah, yeah, The Rock just worked his ass off, just wanted to be successful, yeah. Why? Is it because The Rock has got too big a head?"

"Since you've made your decision, no problem. Understand this: you have no idea. And The Rock means no id—what is about to happen. Because come No Way Out, you're gonna get the different Rock. You're going to get The Rock you want. Fine, no problem. You're going to get it all. You're going to get the jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raisin', crystal-clear, have no fear, make more money in one night than ya'll make in a year, climb a tree, scratch an itch, make Hulk Hogan The Rock's little bitch, the people's champ, The Rock."

April 6th, 1998Cactus Jack

"But I will say, when Cactus Jack was laying—and I was conscious and I could move—but very hard to move and I wasn't far from being unconscious. And when I looked at Terry Funk, well I heard something in my ears, that to tell yah the truth, made me kinda sick. That there was announcement being made that was thanking the fans for coming to the WWF event and they said something about Stone Cold Steve Austin. And, uh, people started chanting his name. And it's funny, when I came here two years ago and I was Mankind, there were always people saying, you know, 'Why don't you just be Cactus Jack?'. Then I came out in tie-dye and white boots and they said, you know, 'Why don't you just be Cactus Jack?'."

"Well I gave you Cactus Jack. I gave you every ****ing bit of energy that I had! And when I was laying there helpless, you chanted someone else's name. This is not a knock on Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I'm happy he's the champion. And he may not admit it, but we've known each other a long time and he's been my friend. But what you did to me and Terry Funk laying here in the middle of the ring was not only distasteful and disrespectful, it was ****ing disgusting. And I'm going to give you a chance to make it up to me, because I'm going to accept a group apology right now."

"Well, I can finally say for the first, after thirteen years of blood, sweat, and tears, that it's not worth it anymore. It's going to be a long time before you see Cactus Jack in the ring again."

August 18th, 1997Rocky Maivia

"I got three words: 'Die, Rocky, Die'. That's the gratitude I get from you pieces of crap? For all of my blood, my sweat, and my tears? Y'know, hey, this isn't about the color of my skin. This is about respect. I became the youngest Intercontinental champ in WWF history. And what did it get me? In arenas across the country, I heard chants of 'Rocky Sucks'. Well Rocky Maivia is a lot of things, but 'sucks' isn't one of them."